How do order my Real Touch if I don’t live in the USA?

After ordering my Real Touch and telling my friend in Australia about it he naturally wanted one also but found that he could not order it because they only ship to the USA and Canada. I don’t know why they don’t ship to the rest of the world but i have found a way around this little problem any way.

All you have to do is set up an account with Shipito and they give you your own shipping address in the USA so you just go to the RealTouch website, pick out your package and get it sent to them, then they send it to you where ever you live in the world, its that simple. Shipito rates are fairly good and what makes it great is that you can use it to ship anything, there are a lot of things in the USA that wont ship outside of the USA (including many items on Amazon) or they put a massive mark up on the price for those people  so now we can all enjoy the same fair price.

This Real Touch device is far too much of an awesome product to be only sold in the USA and i can see it being that way for much longer but until then just use this method and you will receive your Realtouch in no time so you can go straight to RealTouch interactive and set up a date with one of their smoking hot models. Just click the link below to check out the shipping rates.

>>> Click here to view the shipping rates<<<

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