RealTouch Interactive

I  received the RealTouch in the mail very discreetly the other day and I am going to do the whole test and review soon but in the meantime I have researched this awesome product a bit more and discovered something truly amazing. When you think it couldn’t get any better it does.

Not only does this Realtouch device supposably provide one of the most mind blowing experiences all synced up with awesome Realtouch videos but they also have what is called Realtouch Interactive. This Realtouch Interactive ­­is what takes this to the next level by offering a fully interactive experience with Realtouch models.

How it works is you go to the website and browse the real life models for one you like, you then book a date with them. When you have the date you have the microphone going and your webcam so you are having a one on one private date where they have a Realtouch joystic that they control.

This is the full experience so what ever they do with the joystick is what you experience at home. This is the closest you can get to sex with someone else without having it and you can be on the opposite side of the world! The selection of Realtouch models is awesome, they are smoking hot and there is something for everyone. You can have true internet sex with some of the hottest girls you have ever seen and all from your home.

realtouch interactive process

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